We’re thrilled to announce that after many years of deferred maintenance..

The City of Bozeman has allocated funds to REPAINT and REPAIR the exterior of the STORY MANSION this summer!

There’s just one small problem… The sole bid that the city received to perform the maintenance and painting work the Mansion desperately needs was much higher than the City’s budget allocation for the work.

As of this blog post, we are about $20,000 short.

The Friends of the Story Mansion are seeking help from the Bozeman Community to make up for the deficit.  The FOSM is asking you, as a concerned citizen, to consider making a financial donation to help beautify and protect the exterior of the Mansion.  Could you give $5 or $25 or $50 or $100 or more to help us close the gap?

As you can see from our photos… We’ve got some scraping, patching, and painting to do!

Please donate to the FOSM’s effort to close the funding gap and get the mansion looking its best again by writing out a check, for whatever amount that you can make, to “Friends of the Story Mansion” and in the memo section of your check please note “Fund to Paint the Mansion.”  Send your check to Friends of the Story Mansion, P.O. Box 6271, Bozeman, Montana 59771

Or… Join the Friends of the Story Mansion! Your $25 contribution to join the Friends will help us get the word out about all of the exciting events happening at this terrific Bozeman landmark property.

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